venerdì, maggio 23, 2008

Ponte di Messina: si o no?

Il Times riassume i punti di vista sulla costruzione del Ponte di Messina, tornato d'attualita' ora che Berlusconi e' di nuovo al governo. Ambiente e Mafia: questi i dubbi.

Italy to build two mile bridge to Sicily

It has been dreamt of since Roman times, and plans have repeatedly sketched out on the drawing board only to be torn up because of cost, bureaucratic obstacles and fears of earthquakes and Mafia involvement.
But today the new centre Right goverment of Silvio Berlusconi declared that an historic two-mile bridge from the mainland to Sicily over the Straits of Messina - the longest single span suspension bridge in the world - was an “urgent priority” and that work on it would start “soon”.
Altero Matteoli, the Infrastructure Minister, said he had asked Pietro Ciucci, head of the company in charge of the long-delayed project, “to create conditions for the resumption of the construction of the project as soon as possible”. During the election campaign last month Mr Berlusconi remarked that “building this bridge entirely with Italian hands is a matter of national pride”.

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