venerdì, maggio 23, 2008

Napoli, tra camorra e immigrazione

Un bell'articolo del Guardian sugli intrecci mafia, stato, immigrazione e xenofobia.

This xenophobia reveals the power of organised crime

As film critics at Cannes get their first look at Gomorrah, about the Naples organised crime syndicate the Camorra, the malign influence of this group has set fire to the city, literally and metaphorically. For years, it has been dumping rubbish and toxic waste brought in from northern Italy on lucrative contracts in and around residential areas. Now Neapolitans, fed up with the stench and filth, are setting fire to this garbage indiscriminately, provoking a crisis of public health for the ambulance and firefighting services.
If this inferno were not enough, mob violence has erupted against the Gypsy, or Roma, population huddled in squatter camps on the outskirts of Naples. Ministers have accompanied these appalling attacks by demanding the deportation of some Roma and the re-establishment of border controls in violation of the EU's Schengen agreement. Naples is Italy's disgrace and Europe's shame. And in a rare recognition of a real emergency, the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is convening a cabinet meeting in Naples this morning to address the problems that decades of political neglect and criminal activity have wrought there and in the wider Campania region.

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