venerdì, giugno 13, 2008

Immondizia, Italian nimbys

Il Times in un articolo durissimo sulle differenze nella politica sui rifiuti tra Italia e Germania, dove sta ora andando a finire la munnezz napoletana. C'e' anche un'allusione nemmeno troppo velata alla Camorra nelle proteste nei quartieri campani. Che siano manovrate?

Welcome aboard the Garbage Express from Italy to Germany

Every day of the week a 56-wagon freight train full of rotting tomatoes and stinking nappies makes its way across the Alps to northern Germany in an attempt to save the city of Naples from drowning in its own detritus. It is a strange, 44-hour journey, rattling through the night - the wagons scanned en route for signs of radioactivity or toxic substances — that says much about Europe today and the failure of cities to deal with a central problem of our time: rubbish.

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